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Dan Pratt, Consultant
Our Experience

DAP Consultancy Limited was founded by Dan Pratt in 2021. Dan has acquired over 10 years of experience within Customer Experience management positions, working across multiple areas including Customer Service, CX Strategy, CRM, Operations, Marketing and Business Development. He has also worked in a range of industries such as hospitality, telecommunications, car hire, consumers goods, retail and software systems.

See our success stories below and what we have acheived.

Virgin Pure

Virgin Pure

  • Recruited, trained and developed a self sufficient Customer Experience team of 5 people.
  • Significantly increased the Virgin Pure TrustPilot, NPS and CSAT scores by improving service. This therefore improved sales and profits also significantly.
  • Launched a customer text message notification system. These strategically timed notifications significantly reduced the number of customer enquiries the CX team received. Therefore saving money and being able to reallocate time more wisely to the benefit of the business and customer.
  • Implemented and grew customer self-help and a knowledge base via web services, thus reducing call and email volumes.
  • Launched various insight methods at multiple touch points, such as contact reporting, surveys and review sight reporting. This then gained insight which was then used to make better business decisions to further customer satisfaction, profits and growth.
  • Created and maintained daily, weekly and monthly reports to improve various areas of the business.
  • Reduced churn significantly by putting plans and actions in place to retain customers of Virgin Pure.

Marco Technologies

  • Built an entire customer experience department from scratch for the peer to peer car rental tech start-up business. This included recruitment of team members, purchasing and implementing Zendesk, building a knowledge base, advising on customer strategies, development of processes and signing off on the product itself.
ID Mobile

iD Mobile

  • Reduced the cost of the customer services department at iD mobile by £250k a year, by implementing an online self help platform and community.
  • Successfully implemented the STAC OfCom regulation across all customer facing platforms, on time and to budget.
  • Improved the website, customer journey map and billing processes by significant points across different satisfaction metrics.
Casual Dining Group

Casual Dining Group

  • Significantly increased Cafe Rouge restaurants TripAdvisor scores across 78 restaurants, by improving service levels delivered to customers. Overall an average shift from 3.5 to 4.7 bubbles was achieved and earning 24 individual certificate of excellence awards.
  • Introduced various systems into the business including a case management and reporting system, blended metrics dashboards, mystery guest and insight programs.
  • Provided daily and weekly reporting packs to the board in order to make better business decisions.
  • Formed a customer focused committee with the objective to ‘Make Every Guest Feel Special’, this committee included various roles from company directors to restaurant managers. The culture swiftly changed to focus on the customer and therefore generating more profits.




Creating the change

We’ve witnessed first-hand the positive impact our solutions have had on our clients businesses, and it is as inspiring and rewarding to us, as it is transformative for them. They reap the rewards of a new customer focused business strategy with new energy, purpose and pride.



Origins of Customer Experience

We did not arrive here overnight or even in the past few decades. CX originates from sources as disparate as call center technology and marketing analytics. Clearly, CX will continue to adapt, grow and change in the future. But its origins can help us understand where it is going. 

The term customer experience (CX) has taken on a much broader meaning than it once did. Initially relegated to post-purchase engagements and viewed as a cost of doing business, CX is now regularly interpreted to encompass the entire consumer journey. It has emerged from the backrooms of customer support to the forefront. The world of customer experience has progressed from a collection of unrelated disciplines that vary by department and company to a coordinated effort with resources and authority.



We've increased revenues, customer loyalty and customer satisfaction scores of start ups, small to medium size enterprises
and large scale multi million pound corporations.

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