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DAP Consultancy are specialists in Customer Experience. Focused on maximising your business growth, customer loyalty and profits, by improving the experience your customers receive.

We've increased revenues, customer loyalty and customer satisfaction scores of start ups, small to medium size enterprises
and large scale multi million pound corporations.


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Customer Experience is the make or break of a brand image. Marketing, product and CX must work together in harmony in order for a business to be a success


We help you build a customer experience that is consistent, differentiated, builds loyalty and turns your customers into advocates. All completely bespoke to your needs.


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“You've got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology.”

Steve Jobs

We are very proud to have reboxed as a client and super excited about the next year ahead. Saving the planet, giving people accessibility to affordable tech and creating many happy customers along the way.

We believe great tech shouldn’t cost us the Earth.

They are on a mission to save hundreds of millions of used devices from going unloved to lying in landfill – and change the way the world thinks about used tech.

Consumer electronics is one of the world’s most polluting industries. That’s because it’s a linear system: Buy, upgrade, bin. Buy, upgrade, bin. It’s a vicious cycle that generates 50 million tonnes of e-waste every year.

Millions of mobiles end up going to waste every year, either abandoned in drawers or lying in landfills and all those devices have taken precious earthly materials to make, at great cost to the environment and local communities, not to mention creating a vast carbon footprint.

Together, we can fight ewaste.

So millions of mobiles end up going to waste every year – lying unloved in drawers long before their time, before eventually ending up in landfill.

And every single one of those devices has taken precious earthly materials to create, at great cost to the environment and local communities. Just one iPhone X will create 79kg of CO2 in its lifetime, roughly the same as burning 9 gallons of petrol. And 80% of those emissions happen before it’s even left the factory.

Our circular business model – rehome, rebox, repeat – isn’t just designed to give our members better value, but make a positive impact on the environment and society.

Better for your pocket, better for our planet.

We don’t just reward people for reboxing. We reward the planet by planting 5 trees every time we buy or sell a device and paying to offset each phone’s lifetime CO2 emissions, which helps to fund a whole range of projects to cut CO2.

Our goal is to try and make every phone we rehome not just carbon neutral, but carbon positive if we can. If we can’t rebox or rehome, we make sure its safely and securely recycled with one of our partners.

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What People Say

"Dan is an accomplished, disciplined, focused and solution driven individual, assisting both colleagues and clients in a consistently positive manner, gauging their needs at all times and always willing to take on new challenges and responsibility."

Director of Service Delivery, The Keyholding Company

"Dealing with customers is a very difficult area to manage, it requires a great deal of patience and empathy towards the public. Dan simply excels at this, not only a pleasure to work with, his experience is unbeatable, with him as part of a team you cannot fail!"

Global B2B Marketing and Communications Manager, Collinson

"Dan is such a nice person to work with. He is not only a great colleague but a very good manager. He is very creative, hands-on, and organized. He is the guy to go to when you need help with customer retention or complaints handling and is always open to discuss ideas and suggestions. I learned a lot about leadership from Dan, and it was a pleasure to be managed by him."

Customer Experience Lead, Boundary Technologies

"Dan worked across the organisation, combining his impressive experience in customer service with management information to explore and implement new and improved ways of working, ensuring that the decisions we made were for the benefit of customers."

Senior Data Analyst

"I have worked with Dan over the years, and he is one of the most passionate people I have had the pleasure to work with. He prides himself in identifying customer and business challenges and opportunities, not only by using his interpersonal skills but also by analysis, he looks at sensible opportunities and then overcomes them."

Head of Business Intelligence, Kingston University

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